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Konferencja Analityka Hutnicza i Przemysłowa

International Bonding Seminar

– organized during
International Welding Conference.

In 2024. welcome to the 7th. edition of the seminar.

7. Międzynarodowe Seminarium Klejenia

We also invite you to other events organized by Lukasiewicz – GIT.

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Czasopismo „Materials Science and Welding Technologies”
The journal Materials Science and Welding Technologies
Monografie Naukowe
Scientific Monographs
Wytyczne i Skrypty Szkoleniowe
Training Guidelines and Scripts

Interviews, reports, scholarly articles....

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Technical Library

Lukasiewicz Technical Library – Upper Silesian Institute of Technology, Welding Center has been in continuous operation since 1950.

The book collection includes unique editions of welding books, ranging from pre-war editions to the latest professional books.

Our goal is to collect as much as possible of all domestic publishing news from the welding industry.

We also have welding magazines in our collection, whose extensive collection includes domestic and foreign journals.

Under grants from national and international funds

Rental of premises

Sieć Badawcza Łukasiewicz – Górnośląski Instytut Technologiczny
announces an open tender for the rental of office and storage space.

Łukasiewicz Recreation Center - GIT

Camping cottage resort in Ustron

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History of Łukasiewicz – GIT

Lukasiewicz – The Upper Silesian Institute of Technology was established on Jan. 1, 2023. from the merger of three institutes: the Łukasiewicz Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy, the Łukasiewicz Institute of Welding, and the Łukasiewicz Institute of Electric Drives and Machines KOMEL.

Lukasiewicz – GIT continues the activities of the three institutes, creating an interdisciplinary scientific and research unit. Our research directions are Sustainable Economy and Energy, Smart and Clean Mobility, and Digital Transformation.

The research centers of the Upper Silesian Institute of Technology carry out research, expertise, development and training services in the areas of welding technology, iron and steel metallurgy and the problems of machinery and electric drives

Date of creation


Date of creation


Date of creation


Date of joining
Lukasiewicz Center

The 37 research institutes were merged into the Lukasiewicz Research Network with a centralized coordinating center, the Lukasiewicz Center.

Date of connection in GIT

Lukasiewicz - GIT continues the activities of the three institutes, forming an interdisciplinary scientific and research unit.


Łukasiewicz Research Network

Our institute is part of one of the largest research networks in Europe. Lukasiewicz has 22 institutes with more than 7,000 employees. Together, we create innovative solutions that allow companies to gain an edge in business.

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